True Love Conquers All and Doughnuts In the Microwave

Good news, this week I got uncapped wi-fi this week. Which also means I have had little to no sleep this past week. I don’t even know what movies I watch these days. I mean I have watched every Tyler Perry movie out there . Madea is no longer the funniest person on Tv anymore to me . I mean I even watched french movies and beauty and the beast for the 10th time . Desperate much?
Yeah you bet I am . On the bright side I have plenty of movies to recommend this week.
The first is the french version of beauty and the beast. I believe it’s called La Belle et la Béte.. The storylines a bit different but what is truly fascinating about this movie is the detail put into it. The scenery is gorgeous . The dresses are beautiful and most importantly.. the roses.. They are extraordinarily stunning. An absolute visual masterpiece. Forgetting about the storyline is pretty easy throughout the movie. It’s worth a watch give it a try.

As I write this I’m on my way to Durban. The land of bunny chows, busy beaches and many masala shops. Okay I may be being very stereotypical right now but I’m from there. So I’m allowed to be. Spent eight years of my life there. Made some awesome memories . Every weekend I was at the beach. I had an amazing school and perfect friends and don’t get me started on my grandmothers dessert cupboard (she is a caterer). When we moved it was the best decision and the worst decision ever.

My schedule when it comes to writing is entirely messed up. I’m gonna be honest here and say that this was also a way of procrastinating during exam times. Writing flows easier when I have other things to do. Using the current moment as an example. I have a room to clean. Clothes to fold. Jewellery for the past week to put away and a bed to make. Lots of things that take very little time once I get started that I am now avoiding . Procrastination my friend, it’s a very large problem in this head of mine.

I am now safe and sound at home. I started this post last week. I’m so terrible with my timing. I should have stressed earlier that I was anticipating a relaxing trip. Filled with peaceful hotel nights, free wi-fi and an assortment of junk food to keep me happy in the backseat of the car. Boy was I wrong . How can I begin to describe it…
First of all yay great news I am on the way to remission with my lupus . If all goes well i’ll be able to have coffee again in a year #Keepingthedreamalive. Yeah that was the one good thing that happened actually.
The place we were staying at was 2 hours away from Durban . So that trip was totally amazing as you can guess. We got lost for four whole hours. Reached the place at 12 pm. it had no tv, no wi-fi, none of the heaters worked and I probably would have been more comfortable had it been above 10 degrees outside. We all mutually agreed we were gonna pack up and leave the next day . The truly terrible news is that the doughnut that I had carefully kept to eat by myself in the microwave was forgotten. I only remembered once were way back on the highway . I was beyond tragic really.
I had to go to a ceremony for my parents late friend ( a wonderful woman ). The ceremony was great (we were late) and it was great seeing old friend again. But my gosh were there a lot of old indian aunties there. Try explaining why you took a gap year this year to these woman. I dare ya! The conversation will go something like this :
Them : so what do you have planned this year ?
Me : Oh I’m just taking a gap year
Them : Yes yes that’s nice. But what exactly are you studying
Me : I’m not . I took the year off aunty
Them : But why? Whats wrong ?
Me : Nothing aunty I just felt like it
Them : *Looks at my parents in pity*
Them: *Proceeds to ask my parents the exact same questions*
Yeah so that was a hoot.
There are many many more stories about this weekend I could tell but I want to focus on something positive right now. I attended a wedding this week. The groom was the most soft-spoken person I’ve ever met in my life and the bride was a very confident blind woman . Both parties were quite accomplished and both are extremely wonderful people but the reason why this wedding was so amazing was because of the fight that led up to it.
The groom parents were hesitant about him marrying someone blind. Now I mean seriously.  She attended normal school all her life, she has a degree in two languages, she has travelled the world and she has her own business. What else does a girl have to do ? Tame her own lion? The groom, in the many years that I have known him, is the most easy-going person ever. Like ever(The amount of likes in my paragraphs is the teenage in me coming out, I apologize profusely )  . He wanted this marriage to happen so much because they were in love. Now come on, Who doesn’t love LOVE? To me, for someone like that to go against his nature and speak out for what he wants should say a lot about how strongly he feels. Obviously after a while (over a year) the parents came around and ceremony was beautiful and amazing (as it should have been), wanna know what their reason was?
How much he smiled when he was with her. And how happy he got when they accepted he was going to marry the girl of his dreams. Disney movies don’t even get endings like this. That story was perfect. The reason was perfect and if any of us get to experience a story like that in our lifetimes we would be so lucky. *sighs*

Things to do this week :

  • research dance classes
  • clean my room
  • learn to make two new dishes
  • try out new cheesecake recipe
  • buy new doughnut
  • find nail polish remover
  • buy more cheese

Okay I got super bored yesterday. I believe I have watched almost every movie under the sun at this point and I may have watched too many series lately where the friends marry their friends as ministers .. yeah see what I’m leading up to ? I GOT ORDAINED. Yeah you read right. Unfortunately its only valid in the United States (maybe Canada, really not sure) but then at least it will be a wedding and a honeymoon and I would get to tag along like a third wheel. Awesome. Turns out becoming a minister in South Africa is a much longer process. Going down to registrars office and filling in paper work and there’s an exam. I mean I haven’t reached that level of boredom yet but hey you never know.. maybe next week.
On another plus side I have conquered my fear of driving on the highway. I did that last week and I didn’t kill anybody (my bar should really be a lot higher). So yes I really did deserve that doughnut…
Another movie recommendation : the Beauty Shop – Something a bit odd but mainly plain ole funny. Guaranteed you’ll enjoy it. I’m totally a Queen Latifah fan. Who thought Kevin Kostner could pull that accent off ? Not me until I watched that movie. Rocking those highlights man . Short story : against the odds Gina (Queen Latifah) opens and runs a Beauty shop and hair salon (are those the same thing ? I’m not sure ). She runs into some trouble here and there (fines, odd sandwich ladies and a very attractive neighbour of sorts) but hustles through like a boss.
Music recommendation : Got two songs for you.
For the EDM kind of music fans : Golden Pineapple – Jay Hardway. I’m a little obsessed right now.
For everyone on this earth: Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee . Why haven’t I heard this song until now ??? I have been living under a rock…
Quote for the week : “Consider a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, we don’t see what goes on underground – as they grow roots. Trees must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce their beauty. But we don’t see the roots. We just see and enjoy the beauty. In much the same way, what goes on inside of us is like the roots of a tree” – Joyce Meyer

Have a lovely week ahead everyone !!

Signing Out
A Contemplative Human Being
(Who Is Trying To Find The Perfect Doughnut)


Dancing on Bar tops, A love of music and still keeping things PG

It’s another day in the (insert my surname here) . Where failed tablet swallowing leads to me getting thrown up on(Don’t ask) and I find out, late as per usual, that Walter and Paige have another fight (incase you’re wondering YES I am still talking about Scorpion) P.S I can feel your judgement from here and I’m NOT liking it..

I must admit my crush on Machine gun kelly has revealed itself as he raps in a girly cowboy bar with a bunch of girls who dance on bar Countertops. Yes, the Little Mix video, Those girls are hella attractive too.
Another revelation I had today was the fact that I don’t want to stay here. As in for once in my life my brain decided to make a decision, now, out of all times that it wants to get a scholarship and leave this country. A bit late if you ask me. Maybe if I cared last year i could have made decent grades but unfortunately my minds a stubborn shit who didn’t wanna do anything it wasn’t passionate about. I tried. Don’t get me wrong. I just had too many brainfarts during the exams, and my classes, and at home…Gee would you look at that …Maybe it is me .
Don’t get me wrong. I love my country, that’s not why I want to move really… I love the vibrance, the people and the culture and the way when we walk down the street people casually sing Voetsak(its like a rude way of saying “go away!” but used way too commonly in South Africa) Zuma and toi toi any and every day of the week. No Judgement there. Our president really is a twit.
But I feel like if i don’t make a move now I never will. It’s as if I know I will become complacent and start dreaming smaller and smaller till I’m the very thing I swore I’de Never become, ordinary. Someone who didn’t make a change in the world, or leave her mark, someone who didn’t do anything legendary cut she never had the balls to go out adventuring.
it’s not like I need to whack a Police officer with a protest sign or chain myself to a tree for a week . I doesn’t really matter how I make a difference or where or even if anyone knows about it, I just want to leave a mark of happiness somewhere . As cheesy as it sounds I happen to think that’s the closest thing humanity has to immortality …other than the obvious become rich a dictator (emphasis on the DICk part)
Might I just add that two weeks ago I braved the sun(An enemy of a victim of Lupus) and attended my first protest. I was very proud. Walked almost 8 Km. More on that another time .
I wanted that whole experience of finding my true self and growing up … you know like in all the movies where against all odds the teenager moves out to college and has their own life. Learns to deal with things on their own, matures ,finds their purpose and BAM the end they know what they want in life and that’s where it does from there. But alas, Life is not a movie, Life is a bouquet of roses in a Hurricane.
Sometimes prickly, sometimes sweet, never in the same place and very chaotic.I came up with that one all on my own. I’m feeling as pleased as punch with myself right now …
Allow me to bask in my glory briefly …
Ok all done .
Back to where we were:
You know initially I wanted to keep this PG but then  I figured .. seriously who does anymore ?
Kids these days say shit that my parents would wash my mouth out with soap and baptise me to be sure back in the day. The times are changing and its no longer about what words we use, it’s about what we are trying to say. Ever seen many PG posters at protests recently? dDon’t think so .
Coming back to my dancing on bar tops comments. Remind me to put that on my bucket list. Not that I need to be drunk to do it . I just would like to have that experience. If i had to logically question everything on my bucket list it would take wayyyyyy more lines than this. Not to mention some of the things on the list arent remotely logically explainable.
A simple answer to why in this case is like every to be teen I had a list of movies i had to watch before venturing into my teens and future adulthood. Amongst this list lies movies like Cliques, Aquamarine, The Breakfast Club, Clueless and of course, the infamous Coyote Ugly . If you haven’t watched it yet go check it out now. It’s a wonderful story in my opinion where the main character (you guessed it ) Dances on bar tops occasionally. A much deeper storyline than that of course but that’s what made me decide to add that onto the bucket list. While I’m here lets just also mention the reason for my bucket list…. Yep. It’s the movie The Bucketlist . About two aged men who go through their last days completing their bucket lists together before they die. A wonderful movie really. With a another much deeper storyline I won’t dive into right now either .

Shout out to my favourite band right now, The Bleachers . Their previous album was amazing and I’m expecting their new one to be just as impressive as that one.
Boy I really hope its good .
I find it funny how much faith and hope we put in our favourite bands and singers . We rely on them to make us feel certain emotions, bring some nostalgia into our lives and attach need memories to songs. It’s a wonderful job a songwriter has, as does the rest of the team that comes up with the music. They have the power of influence.
Think about your favourite memory, there’s a song that you can assign to it right ? And even if the lyrics of the song don’t make sense to anyone else you somehow mange to find an emotional attachment to those specific words in the song because of that memory. For example the song By Imagine Dragons ( another great band you should totally check out) called I Bet My Life, I happen to think of it as my relationship with god, For various reasons . But the writer of the song wrote it because of his relationship with his parents. two different people, two different meanings. Its like abstract art. We all find something different when we read between the lines. And isn’t that a beautiful thing ?
People who have a deep appreciation for music and art have my friendship already. It’s as if you don’t need to know the other people to connect.

Song of the day Stay Together – Noah Cyrus (okay yeah i know But don’t judge me. Her song is particularly catchy) I admit that i do not really relate to this song at all because I’ve never really had a S.O in my life that i needed to ‘Stay Together for a night” with. Even if Noah’s intentions in the song is just to talk. But the beat is catchy and I’m addicted to the clean version. Makes me feel less gangster #KeepingItCool
Life lesson learnt today : When you think you’re running out of pecorino romano cheese. You’re probably right and should plan ahead unless you want to wake up in the morning and find that you suddenly have none left. If you’re a lazy shit like me, you probably left the cheese wrapping in the cheese drawer, and if you’re desperate (like me once again) you’ll have the urge to go lick that wrapper.DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE URGE.

Signing out
A Very Erratic Human
(With Amazing Taste in Music)