In Flight, Inner Monologue, Insane.

Well this is from December, I just thought I should share the other side of travelling. This is commonly known as the side effect of being voluntarily enclosed in a small space with 350 strangers at several thousand feet in the air. Enjoy 🙂

**I’m writing this while sitting on a plane for the better half of 9 hours.

Have I mentioned before that I love to travel? Well Incase you missed the memo, I love it. New cultures, new experiences, packing(don’t ask me why, I just love it) and SHOPPING… I feel your judgement …. stop. Anyways, I’m sitting here, next to a very loud family which take up three rows next to me on my right and of course on the other side, my family, who for some reason insist on sharing saliva with me. Again, incase you were wondering, I have a brother. You know how irritating it is when they try to see how many times they can lick their hands and touch your face with it? No? Just my family with weird siblings then? I don’t think so.
So that’s happening right now.
Aside from those scintillating adventures, my primary concern is finding a new reason for traveling, and debating exactly how much money I would need to earn in order to afford my own private plane.
The reason for this pickle that I’m currently in is very simple, PERSONAL HYGIENE.
Let’s put it this way, in a plane there are at least 350-400 passengers. At least 50 of those passengers are carrying the flu, and the chance of you catching something on the plane(no not even from a new country, just the plane) is …well …a-lot more than when your ass is nice and comfy at home.
Another reason? Farts, sneezes, burps and other spreading of gases, liquids and so on from the body. This is putting aside the tendency of people to use the lavatory in a plane and not clean up after themselves. Before you ask, yes I always do clean up but I try my uttermost best to avoid airplane lavatories.
Now throughout this flight you would have inhaled a good amount of gas coming from the passengers around you, and yes even the air hosts. These are some of the things you have to choose to conveniently forget when you travel, aside from the dropping out of the sky and plummeting to your fiery death, touch wood. Why, you ask? Well if you were to focus on all of these things before you boarded the large flying petri dish you would never fly again. Don’t even get me started on boats…Bora Bora seems way more appealing by teleportation. Of course by the time that is an option, me in a bikini is not.
Now if I had my own plane, the only farts sneezes etc I would be inhaling would be that of the staff, the pilots, myself and whoever else’s is accompanying me .
Those are odds I’m slightly more comfortable with. **
Anyways this counts as a post *haha* we can see how unproductive I have been lately… digging up older little notes to post. Let’s call it a throwback shall we ?
Movie recommendations : Sabrina (not the teenage witch) – The Harrison Ford movie. I watched this like 10 years ago and to be honest I am really looking forward to watching it again. I would also recommend this Korean series called Something In The Rain – Its got a rather cute storyline, its different to the movies and series you see these days. It’s worth a watch.
Song Recommendations : AJR – Burn the house down – Its pretty upbeat, just to get you going for the rest of April 🙂
Paradise – George Ezra – it takes a few listens to get addicted but it is a song you wont be able to keep out of your head.
Quote for the week : Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticised anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. – Eleanor Roosevelt 
Eleanor Roosevelt really knows whats she’s talking about, I’m definitely looking for more insight from her perspective.
I hope everyone has a lovely week coming up. Enjoy your long weekend and please comment down below to share your inner monologues from travels. It’s always funnier looking back to these situations.
Signing Out
A Rather Sleepy Human 
With an assignment due tomorrow

The “No stress” stress and I forgot my toothbrush.

Hello wonderful people.

I have had a lot of time to think about my next post, I’m currently at a spiritual ashram in the south of India . Very peaceful and quiet, lots of lovely people, a wonderful environment … and yet I still can’t get away from stress .

Stress. Stress . Stress …. about results, about that handcream I forgot l, what if the water floods the living room again back home and specifically, that package of garbage I left by the front door . You know, the one that I told myself not to forget to take out before I left for two weeks . I await the magnificent stench when I arrive home.

Obviously I’ve carried the necessities, mosquito repellant, spare phone to connect sim for WiFi, plenty of underpants and of course sun protection.

On the list of things I conveniently forgot would be the cortisone cream, my toothbrush and more than two shirts. Ahh yes I brought a sleeveless vest and a long sleeve shirt . One isn’t permitted here and the other is something you come back dripping in eau de sweat …. mhmmm attractive …

Now I know what you’re thinking, yes I brush my teeth, I bought a toothbrush as soon as I arrived. I’m not that unhygienic ..

Though they say you need to unplug and relax, forget the world and focus on yourself and god . Mhmm yeah easier said than done.

You know when you complain all year that you need a vacation, a whole week or two to stop thinking about the world and just smell the roses, take peaceful walks, have no contact with the world?

Yeah when it happens? Not so magical. I suddenly miss home, my bed, the comfort and privacy of my house, I miss my hot showers and wearing jeans, the daily pop by to Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

The worldly pleasures that the modern world provides …

This place is amazing don’t get me wrong, the food is incredible, the people are terribly nice, not a thing wrong here but I can’t disconnect and assimilate into this world .

I used to come here often as a kid. Things were so simple, you had a routine . Wake up 6 am start the day, breakfast, prayers, more food, find friends, lunch, prayers again, supper, find friends, go to sleep, restart cycle …

No phone, no WiFi cares, no other People’s worries, nada . Life is so simple as a kid . There’s practically no responsibility.

I know that it is possible to relax entirely for a while, I know as a child I have done it before, it is way harder than it looks.

Comment below on the methods you guys use to de-stress .

Where is your stress free retreat ?

I have another couple of days left, here’s to letting the stress and worldly pleasures go. Have a wonderful Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a happy New Year’s if I don’t post again before then…

Though I’m sure I’ll have a family drama over the holidays post to write . Haha!

I wish you all a stress free end of year and keep safe on the roads this holiday season.

The music recommendation is : frosty the snowman

The movie recommendation is : any and all Christmas themed movies.

The quote for this week is : “the More you expect from life, the more your expectations will be fufilled. By laughing, you do not use up your laughter, but increase your store of it. The more you love, the more you will be loved. The more you give, the more you will receive. Life proves That truth every hour, every day. And life continues to surprise .

– Dean Koontz

Signing out

A Traveling Human

(With a scarf addiction)